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We custom build new magnetic dry erase boards seamless to 12' with a 10 year warranty.
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Educational Services Products
We pride ourselves in being able to cater to your needs. We will gladly build the boards your home, office, classroom, or recreational space needs.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us! 704-434-7756
We custom build each tack board to the size you choose. 

ez-stick dryerase walls
If you needa large writing surface we have the answer. Complete dryerase walls like this conference room.
ez-tack wall systems
ez-stick dryerase skins
If you're like this utility company you need large areas to display your information. We can custom build any wall!

Looks new! This old board was fitted with a new cover. Far less money than new and a lot faster too! We can show you how.

High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
ez-erase boards
Staff (music) graphs or Logs.

  To cover a board it's as simple as this!
Step 1: Carefully measure the inside of your existing frame. See the measuring diagram in the  information page. (Click here for our page on Measuring your board)
​Step 2: Place skin into frame to insure proper fit. If the fitment is correct, hold the skin firmly pulling the top away from chalk board. Pull tape liner away on top strip only. Firmly press the skin at top making sure to press all the way across. Lift bottom of skin and remove the rest of the tape liner.
Step 3: Once the new skin is stuck securely use a laminating roller if available (hands if not) make sure to put pressure completely over the surface of the entire board.
Remove the protection film by firmly holding the skin in place with one hand peeling away film with the other.
Tackable wall panels
Our high quality dry erase is used in a Police Command Center on cabinet doors to maximize writable space.
Single sided or double. We build mobile dry erase boards. We also sell the dry erase skins if you want to build your own!
Our dry erase skins are 26 gauge steel. Our coating can be cut without cracking or fraying. Can be bent to 90% without cracking the finish. The color is porcelain white with reduced sheen to make our dry erase boards projector friendly.

We sell wholesale! We have customers who purchase our skins to build their own. Many schools install their own skins.
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